Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Driving Traffic With Contests

Contests and Giveaways Can Get You Traffic

Contests and giveaways are excellent ways to not only reward your readers, but also to build traffic.  Everybody loves getting something for free.  If you put a little thought into a contest or giveaway it could be one of the better ways to spend some advertising dollars.  I recently created a giveaway contest on my main blog for it's one year anniversary.  I am giving away a couple of items randomly to any of my readers that left a comment on the contest page.  The rules stated:

"Leave a comment on THIS PAGE - 1 entry per person.  Please comment with what your favorite thing is about Cold's Gold Factory or a testimonial of a tip I provided that you implemented." 
Using Contests To Get Subscribers

Sometimes your best was of marketing yourself, is to hear what your raving fans having to say about you or your site.  I added that each entry must be a comment about a tip of mine that the reader has put to use.  This helps to increase your trust factor as far as content is concerned.  Any new visitor arriving on the site because of the contest will have a list of testimonials about all the great things happening on the site.  This helps to convert new visitors into subscribers.  Some of the people that come just for the contest will be retained as readers and potential customers.

Reaching Out To Other Sites

Contests are also a great way to get noticed by others in your niche.  A great contest spreads like wildfire.  Contests are also some of the most re-tweetable posts you can send to others in your niche market.  I did notice that my contest tweet was the most re-tweeted of all my tweets I have sent out for re-tweet on Twitter.  If someone likes your site after reviewing a Twitter link, you may not only get a subscriber to your blog, you may also get a follower on Twitter.

Be sure to send links to your contests to major sites so that they can retweet or link to them as well.  I listed in the contest rules that any blogger or site owner that posted a link to my contest page would receive an extra bonus entry into the contest.  This assured that many in the niche would link to my contest, which would help build that page's ranking and relevance.  So be sure to send the contest link and information out to other sites as well.

Have you seen any traffic surges from hosting a contest?


Moravec said...

Hey Cold,

Nice work you've been doing here. Not sure if you are aware, but your RSS feed displays no content, not even an excerpt, just the title. Keep up with the posts here, enjoying the read. Also would be nice to comment as Name/URL.


Cold said...

Thanks for the heads-up. I'm working on fixing both those issues.