Friday, December 31, 2010

Redirecting Feed Readers Back To Your Site

Feed Syndication

Feeds are a great way to spread your ideas and posts throughout the blogosphere and the internet.  There is also a downside to publishing feeds.  If you have good content, then it will sure by syndicated.  When someone is syndicating every one of your posts along with similar niche feed syndications, there can exist a very useful site for readers within your niche.  The feed syndicating hubs may be posting your entire article on their site and reading the traffic benefits of all your hard work!  So how do you direct traffic back to your site from these syndication hubs?

Turn Feed Readers Into Traffic

  • Contact the admin of the hub site and ask them to truncate your posts to only show a summary with a "Continue Reading" link back to the original post on your site.
  • Contact the hub admin and ask to lock comments and add a note:  Please Leave Comments On Author's Site.
  • Change your feed settings to only show summary posts that link back to the original article.  I tend not to do this as it limits the number of people who can read your full feed at work.
  • Add a note to all of your feeds that asks for comments to be placed on the original site.  *See Below.
  • Include internal links in your daily posts.
Adding A Note To Your Feedburner Feed*

Adding a note to all of your feeds is easy.  This example shows how to set up your note in Feedburner. 

1.  Open Your Feedburner Account and Select Your Site's Feed
2.  Choose The Optimize Tab Up Top.
3.  Select the BrowserFriendly Tab In The Left Column.  Activite Browser Friendly If Needed.
4.  Scroll Down The Page.
5.  Click the Personal Message [ ] to Enable.
6.  Add Your Comment As Your Personal Message (Shown Above).
7.  Click Save.

Hopefully this will help redirect some of the viewers of your syndicated feed back to your site, where they can become subscribers, commentors, buyers, and advertisement clickers.

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