Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Social Media Sneeze Principal

Social Media Sharing
The Social Media Sneeze Principal

The most important thing to understand about the nature of social media is The Sneeze Principle.  The various types of social media allow a visitor to read an article or blog post, watch a video, or see some other form of content.  That visitor can then "Sneeze" or somehow indicate what he thinks of the content by leaving a comment, bookmarking the site, clicking on a Fan Box or a Like box, or any other form of social media sharing.

That is the Sneeze Effect.  When one visitor sneezes, otehr see that sneeze.  Others will then go and look at that same content.  They may also sneeze and spread it to their circle of friends or followers, who in turn could sneeze again sending it even father.  Every view has the opportunity to sneeze and share the message with others.  A great post can be far more than you can reach alone, thanks to social media and its sneezing effects.

So be sure to have easy and highly visible access to popular social media platforms.  If you look at the top of my page, under the header, you can see the row of buttons.  This makes sharing or sneezing the posts or site easy for everyone to spread.

Sneeze Factor / Viral Effect in Action

You do have buttons for your readers to sneeze don't you?

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