Sunday, December 19, 2010

How To Create A Text Link


Linking is one of the basic concepts that some bloggers have trouble with.  Here is a simple template for creating any text based link on your site.  It is a simple task once you know you to do it. 

Every link is based off of the 3 things:
  • HTML Tags
  • Destination URL Link
  • Anchor Text
It is very important that you use strong keyword rich anchor text that is relevant to the article or page you will be linking.  Review the Importance of Proper Anchor Text*, if you need assistance with linking properly.

Creating Text Links

The standard code for a basic text link is as follows:

<a href="InsertURLLinkHere"/>AnchorTextHere</a>

*An example of the proper way to link above actually looks like this as the HTML Code:

<a href=""/>Importance of Proper Anchor Text</a>

Make sure to properly link for text links as this will be an important tool when:

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