Friday, December 24, 2010

Importance of Prewriting and Queueing Posts

You don't write all of your posts the night before do you?

Customizing Your Post Times

Many of the popular blogging tools offer the ability customize when your post is going to go live on your site.  This is an excellent feature to use when working on your posts.  You can set all of your daily posts to go live at the same time each day.  Blogging consistency is important if you want to keep and grow your reader base.  Here are a few of the benefits of writing ahead and time and queueing your articles for a later time or date.  Queueing posts up for later release can be beneficial:

  • When you have a sick day and can't get out of bed to write.
  • When you are on vacation or are taking a refreshing break.
  • Have a stroke of great inspiration and can write multiple posts in one sitting.
  • Want every post to appear live at a specific time.
  • Have certain time sensitive topics.
  • When working up a series with multiple posts on a specific topic.
  • Have guest posts to space apart.
  • Hosting a blogging carnival and are adding links to the hosting carnival page.
I do highly recommend writing your posts ahead of time and setting them in the queue for the dates and times that you would like.  It is much less stressful, knowing that you have a cushion of articles already written waiting to go live.  Having to crank out a post on the fly with little time to edit and proofread is a recipe for a poor post.  Save yourself the hassle and work up a few posts ahead of time.

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