Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why You Should Be Guest Posting

Guest Posting Will Earn You New Traffic

Guest posting is one of the best ways to get exposure to someone else's established reader base.  If you can get your post hosted on a much bigger site, then your post will be seen by many readers.  Many of these new readers will never have been to your site.  If you are supplying excellent content to your hosting site, readers will follow links within your guest post back to your site to see what else you have to say. 

These guest posts can result in a major spike in traffic, especially if you are guest posting on a very influential or well known blog or site.  Along with this spike in traffic, readers that link your site's content will add you to their daily feed reader, sign up for your update or newsletters, or click on ads or products on your site.  All of these are excellent rewards for your exposure into a new reader base.

When contacting another blogger about a possible guest post on their site always be professional and courteous.  If you are declined, don't harass the site owner with constant inquiries.  Only ask once and listen closely to any denial reason they give you.  That reason could be very helpful for you in fixing your content or your site.  Remember that even though the host may receive some benefit from hosting your content, you are the one getting the bigger favor here.  Always submit great content for any guest post as this will greatly benefit both you and the host and could turn into guest post offers from other readers as well.  Always be on the lookout for guest post oppurtunities while you are building your relationship with other bloggers.

Hosting Guest Posts

Guest Posting is also a great tool for your own blog as well.  You will receive readers from the contributors audience just as they will receive visitors from yours.  Keep a list of bloggers that are interested in doing a guest post for your site so that you can use their posts when you are short on ideas or you are going on vacation.  If they are submitting their great content for you to host, you will benefit from keyword rich content and relevancy to your site's niche.

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