Thursday, December 23, 2010

Creating Raving Fans With The Fish Philosophy

The Fish! Philosophy

The Fish! Philosophy was based off of Seattle's Pike Place Fish Market.  The philosphy became a world known business training book, seminar, and sets of instructional videos.

The Pike Place Fish Market, founded in 1930, is an open air fish market located in Seattle, Washington's Pike Place Market, at the corner of Pike Street and Pike Place. It is known for their tradition of fishmongers throwing fish that customers have purchased, before they are wrapped.[1] After nearing bankruptcy in 1986, the fish market owner and employees decided to become "world famous", changing their way of doing business by introducing their flying fish, games, and customer performances. Four years later, they were featured repeatedly in the national media and television shows.[2] The store is now a popular tourist destination in Seattle, attracting up to 10,000 daily visitors, and is often billed as world-famous.  (From Wikipedia)

 But how did they get so popular?  It's from not just providing good service to their customers.  They created raving fans!

Creating Raving Fans

Creating raving fans is a concept that we all should be pushing towards.  Creating raving fans is about more than just providing a good product, good customer service, or a good buying experience.

Which is better for growing your business?

  • A Satisfied Customer
  • A Satisfied Customer That Tells All His or Her Friends About Your Site Or Product
See the difference?  When creating ravings fans we are striving to create customers that are so blown away that they want to tell everyone they know about how great and wonderful our product is.  

Applying Raving Fans To Your Online Site

In a perfect world, every reader to your site, would retweet to Twitter, send a like to Facebook, or forward your post to a friend.  It just doesn't work that way online for the majority of readers.  What can you do to assist in helping create raving fans and help them spread the message about your site or product?
Any other ideas for creating raving fans to spread the word about your site?

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