Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Commenting For The Win!

Earning Traffic With Your Comments

No one will ever know about you or your site unless you get out there and start getting recognized.  But how do you do it?  Start commenting on other sites and forums in your niche.  Leaving excellent comments addressing the current topic will not only get you a few curious visitors, but will also earn you some credibility.

This credibility can translate into traffic, if you continue to participate in forums and comments on other sites that are related to yours.  Commenting on other bloggers posts can also turn into invitations for guest posting, which is another great way to earn some traffic.  These guest posts can also turn into invitations for participating in blogging carnivals.  Don't just leave random comments that aren't relevant to the topic at hand.  Site owners will see right through that and you may end up getting banned.


  • Leave thought out, relevant comments on relevant sites within your niche.
  • Leave keyword rich comments
  • Leave back links with enticing anchor text to your best relevant content (if allowed).
  • Leave comments just to be commenting and getting links.  Make them relevant and helpful.
  • Leave links back to your site without asking for permission first from the site's owner.
  • Spam comments on forums that are unrelated to your niche.
With a little bit of practice and understanding, you will become a master at creating relevant, appropriate comments, with vital links to your own site that not only benefit the host site, but drive visitor's to your site.

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