Thursday, December 30, 2010

Deep Linking and Summary Posts

Crunch Time

So here I sit starting this entry 5 minutes before it would normally go live.  It's not that I don't Pre-Write and Auto Queue Posts, but sometimes unforseen circumstances do happen.  Sometimes you will still end up trying to crank a post out the night or morning before it goes live.  It is a great idea to have extra guest posts waiting in the wing for days such as these.  Trying to be consistent with post times and days is important, but occasionally you may be facing crunch-time.  Just relax and don't force out a poor quality post.

Summary Posts

Summary posts can come in handy, if you are down to crunch time or are facing a mean case of bloggage.  Bloggage is the term bloggers use to describe writer's block.  A summary post is also great way to wrap up a week or month.  Summary posts are pretty easy to write and can help you meet your deadline, while working out that case of bloggage. 

Some things you can summarize in a post

  • The 5 or 10 most popular topics for the month.
  • Your favorites posts of the week, year, or month.
  • Top favorites reads on your blogroll.
  • Top comments from the month or week's comment section.
  • Summarize any recent products you may have purchased within your niche.  Be sure to include your affilliate marketing links if you are an affiliate of that product or service.
  • Summarize top selling items for a given range of dates.
  • Guest posts you have written on other sites work very well as a quick summary and helps your readers find places to read your content outside of your home domain.
Deep Linking

If you are writing a summary post or article about information on your own site, then it is a great time to also practice deep linking.  Deep linking is the practice of linking some of your posts with other posts or links on your site.  Notice how I have been creating internal links this entire post?  I am deep linking by having this post contain links to other posts that also contain links.  This is just one way to help build relevance and increase your page rankings of both your site and your individual posts. 

Deep linking helps to:
  • Build Relevance With Search Engines
  • Increase Page Rank
  • Increase Visitor Time On Site
  • Lower Bounce Rate
  • Increase Chance of Ad Clicks
  • Increase Page Views
  • Get Traffic Back to Your Site From Feeds and Syndications of Your Posts
  • Easily Provide Relevant Content
So the next time you have a mean case of bloggage or are down to crunch time, try writing a great summary post containing some great deep links.

Anyone else have any great ideas for summary posts?

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