Monday, December 17, 2012

How To Unlock & Add Meta Tags In Blogger Posts

How To Unlock & Add Meta Tags In Blogger

The newest update to the popular blogging platform, Blogger, now includes a Blogger Meta Tag Tool.  This Meta Tag Tool is a great addition for those of us that use the Blogger platform, because it makes it super quick and easy to add meta tags to both the overall blog and the individual posts we write on Blogger. 

Meta Tags

Meta Tags are important because they help to further identify information to the search engines, beyond your posts url, headings, title, and keywords.  With the Blogger Meta Tag Tool, we unlock the ability to quickly add meta content tags on an individual post by post basis, as well as a general overall meta tag for our Blogger site.  Adding Meta Content Tags will help to increase your page ranking in the search results if you properly use the keywords appopriate to your post.

How to Unlock Meta Tags In Blogger?

It's a pretty simple process to unlock the Blogger Meta Tags.  Here's How To Do It:
  1. Go To Your Blog's Blogger "Settings" Tab.
  2. Open the "Search Preferences" Link.
  3. At The Very Top Locate "Meta Tags" Description.
  4. Click Enable
  5. Enter Your Overall General Meta Tag About What Your Site Is About.
  6. You've Also Just Unlocked The Blogger Meta Tool.

How To Unlock Meta Tags In Blogger
Unlocking Blogger's Meta Tools

To Use The Blogger Meta Tool On Individual Posts:
  1. Open An Old Or New Post.
  2. Scan The Right Side "Post Settings" Column.
  3. Locate The Newly Added "Search Description" Box.
  4. Add Meta Content Keywords Here.

Blogger's Meta Keyword Adding Tool
Blogger Meta Tool

Do not get your "Search Description" Meta Tags mixed up with the "Labels" or "Tags" section.  Labels (or Tags) are for internal custumization of your posts.  For example, you may have your labels set up to divide your many blog posts into Categories.

The Meta Tool box is for adding post specific keywords that are directly related to what the post is about as well as what search results you want it to rank for. 

For Example:  On This Post:
  • I've Labeled it as "Meta Tags", "SEO", & "Blogger".
  • I've Meta tagged it as: "Meta Tags, Blogger Meta Tags, How To Add Meta Tags, Help With Meta Tags, & Blogger Meta Tag Tool"
These are more specific keyword search results that I would expect to help drive search engines to this specific post. 

I definately recommend unlocking your Blogger Meta Tool and start using the Meta content keywords on each and every post that you do (in addition to the tags and labels you already do).  It is also worthwhile to go back and add proper Meta content tags to older posts to help them rank better in search engines.  If you have a ton of old posts like me, then just go through and hit your post popular posts or the ones that you really want to rank higher and better with the search engines (sales pages and pillar content - for starters).