Saturday, December 4, 2010

Choosing Your Blog Topic

Blog Topic Importance

Having a successful blog all starts with topic selection.  You want to choose a blog topic that you are knowledgable about, but are also passionate about.  Blogging success starts with an attractive topic that will allow you to build a group of followers.  These followers will also be vital in helping your blog to grow and reach more people.  So make sure you choose a good topic.  This focus is what will showcase your information about your chosen topic. 

So when selecting a topic make sure to write about:

  1. Something You Know A Lot About
  2. Something That You Are Passionate About
Find A Niche

Competition online can be fierce.  Make sure to choose a topic that you are knowledgable on and you are passionate about, but also choose a topic in an area that isn't saturated with content already.  If there are some well known bloggers in your niche, you may not be able to overtake them.  They may have already grown a large following, have much more experience than you, and are deeply rooted in their community.  Don't expect to overthrow these already existing blogs, but do try to foster a symbiotic relationship with them. 

To Be Successful Remember That:
  1. Blogging Requires Committment - Writing will flow much easier and you will have a much easier time engaging your audience if you are interested in your topic.  You will be writing many days for many posts.  You really need to love what you want to discuss.
  2. Know Your Topic - Everyone makes errors.  Your readers will point out your mistakes.  The more expertise in your field, the less likely you will be to make mistakes.
  3. Your Lack of Passion Will Become Exposed - If you writing is flat and mundane, you won't get as many followers.  Readers will quickly tire of your thoughts, if you aren't writing exciting ideas.
  4. It Sucks To Write About Something Unfamiliar - If you don't know your topic you are going to have a hell of time writing about it.  It's much easier to write engaging ideas about something you are passionate and knowledgable on.

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