Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Driving Traffic With Convention Flyering

Growing Your Site The Old Fashioned Way

Not all of the methods for growing your site have to be high tech or electronic.  Many of the older methods of social networking can still be useful for growing your site's traffic and reader base.  These older techniques can be just as effective as the high tech counterparts, if you use them wisely.  Here is one of my favorite low-tech ways that you can grow your site.


Flyering can be a very effective way to reach a lot of people in your niche audience.  Creating 500 or so flyers to put underneath a wiper blade of a vehicle is an inexpensive form of advertising.  Create a simple flyer with your logo, web address, and a short enticing description.  Put two on a regular 8"x10" sheet of paper and just cut them in half after photocopying.  Bam!  You're ready to start flyering to advertise your site or blog.  

Where To Flyer

Where are the best locations to find a bunch of cars of people in your niche market that may be interested in your site?  Conventions!  Any convention center running an all day or a weekend long convention is a prime oppurtunity to get some readers headed to your site.  Just do a local search for "(your niche) conventions" to get a few ideas of any convention sites near you.  A little bit of work can reap huge rewards in the long run.

Flyering Examples

This summer I plastered about 600 flyers for my gaming site at an annual gaming convention here in St. Louis.  My niche site is about a specific online game.  Within a few days, my page visits had jumped by around 25% and I had gone from around 200 subscribers to over 400 almost overnight.  This was an obvious increase in traffic from my flyering efforts alone.

Some example niche markets that have conventions:
  • Gaming Conventions - Do you run a blog for gamers?
  • Electronics Conventions - Got a site selling electronics?
  • Baseball Card & Sports Conventions - Run a sports based site?
  • Religious Conventions - Have a spiritual blog?
  • Gambling Tournaments - Have a gambling based site or tips blog?
The opportunites are only limited by your imagination.  Don't forget the old fashioned ways that you can drive traffic to your site.  Flyering is an inexpensive and effective method for targeting traffic that is already interested in your niche.  


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