Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why You Should Promote With Business Cards

Why You Should Promote With Business Cards

Business cards are a valuable tool for any business, but have you ever thought of creating business cards for your blog or web site?  Business cards are a nice tool to help grow your site and to lead more readers towards your products or advertising.  

I am in the process of designing business cards for my main sites.  Often times I am verbally giving my website out or scribbling the url on a piece of paper to hand to someone.  How unprofessional is that?  Having a nice business card with my site info to hand out would look MUCH more professional than a scribbled piece of paper.  

Another reason I want to create a business card is to put my amazon affiliate information on the flip side.  Many times I mention the Amazon affiliate program to friends and co-workers in hopes of earning affiliate commissions from people that I know that are already using Amazon for purchases.  Having a business card with a direct link address or instructions for navigating to my affiliate link is more professional and easier for the recipient.  Plus a business card is more likely to be kept than a scribbled note.  

Another use I will have for business cards is when I am out doing some parking lot flyering at conventions within my niche.  I can hit all the cars with flyers, then go inside the convention and hand out business cards in person.

After looking all over for the best deals on business cards, I can report the best value is with Vistaprint.  This is where I will be getting my business cards once I finish my design.

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