Thursday, December 16, 2010

Contact Page: Why You Should Have One

Contact Page Importance

Your contact page is one of the single most important elements to add to your page.  Do you have a contact page on your site?  Can it be easily found?  Not having a contact page is like having a house for sale with no phone number on the realtor's sign out front.  How are you to be contacted without a contact page?  You aren't going to be.  Now this may seem like a way to keep things private, but get real.  If you are blogging, running a site, or operating an online business you simply must have a contact page.  With out it you are only hurting yourself.

Why Have A Contact Page?

A contact page:

  • Gives you more credibility and lends more trust to your reader base.
  • Gives your readers or customers a way to contact you.
  • Allows other bloggers to invite you to blogging carnivals.
  • Gives a way for you to invited to be a guest poster on a blog or another site.
  • Allows readers to contact you with questions, which can turn those contacts into leads.
  • Instantly makes your site look more professional.
I can't count the number of times I've visited a new blog that I am interested in working with only to be turned away by the lack of any way to contact them.  These sites have lost out on any opportunities that I would have shared with them.  Don't be like those poorly designed sites.  Make sure you have a contact page on your site.

What Should You Put On Your Contact Page?
  • Email address
  • Street address (if you are a business)
  • Phone number (if you are a business)
  • Social media sites you belong to with those contact addresses or handles
  • Your mission statement (if you have one)
  • Contact directions and expectations for replies
Have you forgotten to include a contact page on your site?

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