Monday, January 17, 2011

The 7 Types of Social Media Sites

Social Media

Social media is a hot topic these days, but did you know there are more types of sites than just Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter?  Myspace just fired almost half of their staff and is changing to be less of a social media site and more of an entertainment launch pad.  Facebook and Twitter are growing, but there are other types of social media sites out there.

The Seven Types Of Social Media Sites

  1. Social Networks (Facebook, Myspace)
  2. Blogs (Blogger, Wordpress)
  3. Bookmarking Sites (Delicious, Ma.gnolia, StumbleUpon)
  4. Microblogging Sites (Twitter, Plurk)
  5. Media Sharing Sites (YouTube, Flickr)
  6. Popularity Sites (Digg, Reddit)
  7. Aggregators (Flock, FriendFeed, Streamy)
All seven of these categories are important to explore because the are all connected with each other.  Social media has the potential to spread a message farther and faster than any other vehicle.  You can use multiple types of social media sites to spread the message about your product or your company.  Knowing which sites are the current trends or hot spots is a big advantage in getting your message out, building your brand, and capitalizing off of marketing efforts.  The more types of sites you are familiar with and using, the better your chances of getting a good spreading sneeze response to your message.

Are you exploring more than one of the seven types of social media?


Gazimoff said...

Agree with trying to spread yourself over more than one category. However the real secret sauce is in interlinking - being able to make sure that people can leap from one to the other easily.

I do this by having a star layout-linking to the networks from my blog and from my blogs to other networks. But linking from facebook to Twitter or my Youtube channel makes it even more powerful, as you make the most from all content you produce.

Arcita said...

you forgot about forums...