Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Above The Fold

Above The Fold

What does "above the fold" mean?  "The fold" is the lowest edge of a webpage viewable before scrolling down.  So everything that is in plain view on the landing page is considered "above the fold".  This fold can vary depending on what device the web page is viewed on and is also effected by things out of your control, like the viewer's browsing toolbar set-up.

You want to try to place certain things above the fold.  Anything that is displayed "above the fold" is going to be part of the initial impression of any new visitors to your site.  Use this space above the fold wisely.  Be sure that your site.   Certain things should always be above the fold.  Your page title, header, navigation tabs, subscriber links, contact info, and the title of your current post should all be visible above the fold.  If you are a blogger, having easy links to some flagship articles or most popular posts above the the fold can help to increase your visitor's time on your site.  If you are selling something, you definately want your product, store, or shopping cart to be easily found above the fold. 

Any advertising you place above the fold will have a much better chance of being clicked than those listed below the fold and down the page.  Depending on what type of site you have will determine what is most important to place above the fold. 

Stop and take a moment to view your page and what is above the fold.  Do new readers understand what your page is about without having to scroll down the page?  Do you have your most prominent items and articles placed above the fold or are they hidden down the page?  Think of all the information above the fold as highlighting your site, with a few advertisements mixed in.  Anything that is linking to another site or blog can go below the fold as you want to highlight your site above the fold.

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