Wednesday, January 12, 2011

7 Reasons To Showcase Popular Posts

Showcase Your Popular Posts

You can showcase your most popular posts with a widget.  There are many reasons why you should use this option on your blog.  The widget ranks your posts based on page views, so your content that is the most read is easily available for others to read.  You can set up to show up to 10 posts as the most popular.  Your most viewed pages are probably your best posts and should be easily available for new visitors.  Be sure to place this showcase of your content above the fold on your landing page.

Reasons To Show Your Top Posts

  1. Your most popular posts are usually your best content.  You should show it off.
  2. New readers will appreciate the consolidation of posts and it gives those new readers a great list of articles to read to get the feel of your site and your writing style.
  3. Showcasing your top content can lead to more subscriptions to your feed reader or newsletter.
  4. Once you have identified your most read posts, you know what kind of posts your readers are looking for.  You can better target posts for your audience.
  5. Your page views and time on site will increase, while your bounce rate also decreases.
  6. You are providing a list of content that has a better chance to be linked from others sites.
  7. Having identified some of your most commonly viewed posts, you can go back and add affiliate advertising links or purchase options on those high traffic pages.
I use a popular posts list on all my sites.  Do you?  Can you think of any other benefits from showcasing your popular content?

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