Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Keeping Your Special Visitors

Special Visitors

Two of the best ways to get new visitors to your site are from guest posting and participating in blogging carnivals.  Guest posting allows you to get new visitors from an already establish site.  The trust they lend when hosting your post helps to send readers to your site as a vote of approval for you.  After all, they are hosting your post which is a form of promotion.

Blogging carnivals tend to be very popular sources of many viewpoints on a shared topic.  Many times these readers will visit your site and view your carnival submitted post.  If they enjoyed your content for the blogging carnival, there next step may be to review your current post or look at interesting topics in your archives.  Either way you want to keep those special visitors coming back.  You want to convert them into new regular readers and not just a one time visitor that bounces right out of your site after reading your original entry.

How To Keep Them

There are a few things that you can do to help your rate of converting those new special visitors into regular readers or subscribers.  After they become subscribers or regular readers, there are much better chances that you can convert them to customers, if your goal is to market a product of your own or to promote affiliate products.

Here are a few strategies to help convert special visitors into subscribers or regular readers.
  1. Make sure you have a top quality post on days that blogging carnivals are released.
  2. Have a high quality post on the day your guest post airs on another site.
  3. Have an area that showcases your most popular posts so favorite posts can be easily found.
  4. Have your newsletter or subscribing option listed above the fold so it is easily seen.
  5. Use deep internal links within your submitted carnival and guest post entries.
Anyone have any other strategies for converting your special guests to regular readers?

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