Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Are Your Ads Not Performing?


It doesn't matter if you are running advertisements from Google Adsense, an affiliate network, Amazon, or ads as a e-book affiliate or creator. If you are hosting advertisements on your site, then you want them to perform by converting to sales or clicks so you can earn your commissions.  Sometimes your readers will become blind to your ads, so you have to keep them fresh.

Are Your Ads Not Performing?

Try logging onto your site as a visitor.  Look at the site as if you were a new reader.  

  • Does your site look cluttered?
  • Are you running too many ads?
  • Do you ads compliment your site's colors and design?
  • Are your most important ads placed above the fold?
Try to minimize the number of ads that are placed on each page of your website.  Sometimes less is more.  Having too many choices on each page can create a chaotic and unorganized feel to your site.  People don't like to return to cluttered, scattered, sloppy sites.  They like easy to follow, easy to read, easy on the eyes sites.

If your ads aren't performing try some of these options.
  • Change the colors or the Images.
  • Replace some ads with fresh ads altogether.
  • Change the location or the pages that each ad appears on.
  • Try a newer advertising option, like AdClickMedia or Chitika.
  • Change the size of your ads.  The 3 best are usually 728x90 leaderboard, 300x250 banner and 160x600 skyscraper.
  • Trying blending your ads colors with your site's colors.
  • Set up an ad rotation to check which version of your ads perform better.

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