Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reinvesting Your Google Adsense Profits

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If you are reading this blog entry, then profiting from your blog or website probably is one of the goals of your site.  One source of monetizing your blog comes from the AdSense Ads that you can display on your site.  Whether you are using Google's AdSense or another affiliate network like AdClickMedia, you probably have some monthly income coming in from these advertising networks.  What do you do with those profits?  Do you spend it or re-invest it into your site or new ways to make a profit?

Another great option for monetization, other than the Pay Per Click advertisements, of your site is to get involved with affiliate marketing.  You can sell others products and get a commission for the sale.  This is a great second step to making money on your blog or website.  Creating your own product or e-book to sell is also a great tactic as you get to promote your own creation.  You can also create an affiliate program for others to sell your product just like you have been selling the products of others.

If you really want to start making real life money, then you really need to consider another form of delivery - email marketing.

E-Mail Marketing With AWeber

The use of an email marketing and autoresponding service is awesome!  I love AWeber's email marketing tools.  Check out the AWeber site and see what they have to offer.  The email marketing strategy works with the other 2 sources of monetization to increase the benefits, conversions, and profits.  Setting up your AWeber account to automatically send broadcasts of your blog posts to the inboxes of subscribers will help increase your traffic and number of readers.  You also can set follow-up messages that trigger at certain time intervals.  This allows for the easy delivery of recommended products and extra advertising to occasionally be sent to the subscribers.  You will see much more sales of affiliate products and also increase add revenue since you can ad your adcode to the mailings that are sent to each subscriber.  This will also increase the daily exposure and the clickrate as you have a new source to add the ads to your newsletter or daily broadcasts.

I can't afford $19 a month!

When figuring out if using AWeber's email marketing program will be affordable, you can look at it how I did.  You can pay for AWeber's services without coming out of pocket at all as long as you are making money with your ads and affiliate guide sales.  AWeber is $19 a month (First month is only $1).  As long as you are already making over that amount from ads, then you can simple choose to re-invest that ad money. 

If you make over $19 a month in advertising, then you can set up a direct deposit to a bank account.  You can also ad the AWeber services to draw from the same account.  That way your monthly checks get deposited into the account and Aweber draws from your advertising funds that you already earned.  This way you can justify joining and spending on the AWeber email marketing program.  You can also have your affiliate guide sales deposited within the same bank account.

So instead of blowing that advertising revenue, how about re-investing it into your site to make even more money.  Since using AWeber, my sites monetization has exploded.  Won't you join AWeber too

One tip I would give is that if you start to use AWeber and a newsletter / blog broadcast / auto-responder mailing list, then be sure to add an identifier tracking note to any affiliate links or referrals from within the newsletter mailings themselves.  This way you can easily track how many of your sales are coming from newsletter refferals versus off of your site.

Since tracking what sales come from where, I can safely report that the newsletter has more than paid for itself each and every month that I have been using it. 

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