Saturday, November 5, 2011

Watch Out For Spammers Like @Foldberg1

Watch Out For Spammers Like @Foldberg1

Lame ass Markco the Snake (@Foldberg1 on Twitter) is still up to his dubious and misleading ways.  Here you can see him attempting to get a comment through the Comment Moderation over at my site Diablo 3 Gold Tips

What's fishy about the comment?

He's trying to get the comment approved by including some BS fluff and even has a link to my blog in the comment, or that's how it would appear at a quick glance.  Closer investigation shows he has his own site's URL with anchor text that appears to be for my own site.

Nice try @Foldberg1.  You are still a scumbag and will not be leeching any of my traffic, so you can stop trying.  (I have to remove attempted comments and links like this a few times a month from most of my blogs.)


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