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Making Money With Squidoo Lenses

Squidoo Is Not A Scam
Make Money With Squidoo

What Is Squidoo?

I have been experimenting with the Squidoo Website as another source of making money online.  Squidoo has started to become a great addition to my online income building sources.  Members get to create individual posts on specific topics on the Squidoo website.  Individual posts are referred to as lenses on Squidoo.  You can build a lens on almost any topic you like, but X-rated topics are off limits.  The site gives easy options for creating your own unique lenses via the use of their module system. 

You can add modules to your lens for:

  1. Text Modules (these allow HTML coding)
  2. Amazon Affiliate Products
  3. YouTube Videos
  4. CafePress Product Links
  5. Zazzle Product Links
  6. Ebay Referral Links
  7. Debate, Voting, & Poll Modules
  8. Comments Guestbooks
  9. Other Affiliate Programs
  10. Tons more!
These lenses that you create on Squidoo can be used for making money on their own, or you can couple them with your other affiliate marketing options to earn more from both.  Not only can you make money with Squidoo, but you can also use the lenses to build backlinks to your other blogs & websites, as well as promote your own Zazzle, Etsy, & CafePress stores.

How Do You Make Money On Squidoo?

There are 2 main ways to make money with the Squidoo website.  The first is through high ranking content.  Creating popular, unique content that ranks well on Squidoo, can be a great source of income potential.  On every created lens there will appear a couple sections that automatically have Google AdSense advertisements included on the lens.  There are millions of lenses on Squidoo and all of the Adsense earnings get pooled together and a large portion of the earnings are shared with every lensmaster. 

The top 85,000 ranked lenses earn a percentage of the earnings split.  That's each and every lens that is ranked 85,000th or better.  It easy to get a lens under the 85k mark.  As you earn a higher ranking you get a larger payout for that lens.  Any lenses that are ranked in the top 2000 earn a commission of around $50-60 per month for that individual lens.  So you can have multiple lenses earning that much per month, if you have multiples in the top 2000.  A friend of mine has her very first lens ranked #25 overall in less than a month!

Check it out here:  10 Ways To Take Better Flower Photographs For The Casual Photographer

If you have your own Etsy, CafePress, or Zazzle shop you can make even more money by using your Squidoo lenses to promote your stores.  Not only will you earn your normal commission from your shop's sale, but you also earn the additional commission for selling an item through Squidoo!  You also earn a commission with Squidoo for each item that is bought through an eBay, Amazon, or the many other referral link options for your Squidoo lenses.  You can even code in links to outside affiliate products like ebooks from Clickbank and eJunkie for more options for making money with Squidoo.

Join Our Fast Tracking Squid Ring!

If you are interested in getting starting making lenses and earning money with Squidoo be sure to sign up and join my Squid Ring.  If you join using my Referral Link here:  [Join Squidoo Now] then you will be a part of my Squid Ring.  The Squid Ring is just a group of us lensmasters that support each others lenses by helping to fast track each others works to get a higher ranking and more traffic.  We Squid Like, Facebook Like, Tweet, Google Plus Like & Share, Reddit Submit, & Pintrest Pin each others new lenses to give each other a head start against the competition. 

Working together has its advantages as we also nominate each other's lenses for Lens of the Day, leave comments, and cross link back and forth to each other as a team.  If you are interested in joining our fast tracking Squid Ring, be sure to sign up under my referal link and drop me an email so I can contact you. 

I will be creating a blog soon, specifically for highlighting our Squid Ring members, posting our new lenses to build backlinks, and creating a Squid Ring specific Twitter account for even more potential reach.  We are just getting the Squid ring set up, so be sure to join us as we get started recruiting others to help us all grow together as a team.  We can all make money together!

A Sample Of Some Of My Current Lenses

Here is a handful of the current lenses I have on Squidoo.  I am tending to focus on the two things I know best, gaming and cooking.  If you are interested in joining, but unsure of what to write about, then I highly recommend signing up then joining the Rocket Squids program.  Rocket Squids provides you a topic each week for a lens and then those lenses are submitted and hosted together, much like a blogging carnival.

My Gaming Lenses

My Food & Cooking Lenses

  1. Funny Bacon Gifts You've Never Heard Of
  2. My Saucy & Savory Turkey Meatloaf Recipe (I Created From Scratch)

My Automotive Help Lenses

Please social share any of these lenses that you find interesting.  We hope to see you in Squidoo making money along side us!

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